For many in his base, when President Trump signed the huge “omnibus” appropriations bill in March, this validated their cynicism that it is futile to vote Republican or to vote at all. I disagree. Although I view Republicans as corrupt and dishonest, at least they do not pose a threat anywhere close to the magnitude of that of Democrats, now controlled by the left. The recent Mueller-instigated raid on the president’s lawyer shows just how dangerous the left is.

Democrat control of Congress will jeopardize the Constitutionally guaranteed freedoms of all Americans. Democrats are fanatically devoted to protecting the most brutally violent as they cause suffering, death and misery among law-abiding decent people. Not only did the 2016 Democrat platform promise to end capital punishment completely, but all Democrat senators in 2014 voted to abolish the First Amendment right to oppose and complain about their position. Many of these Democrat senators are running for re-election in 2018, while trying to conceal their opposition to the safety and freedom of those whose votes they seek.



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