Does Forensic Science Comm. have any jurisdiction in Willingham case?

Regarding the jurisdiction, by time, of the Texas Forensic Science Commission in the Willingham case:
It seems clear that the TFSC has no jurisdiction in this case. But, that is why we have AG opinions.
The question in not why the TFSC has submitted questions to the Texas AG for his opinion, now, but why and how the TFSC could have spent all of the time, money and other resources on the Willingham case, without being responsible enough to get an opinion from the AG, prior to all of those expenditures.

Reply to Dalls Morning News “What the Willingham case is really about”

The Dallas Morning News (DMN) writes: ” What counts most is the truth, no matter what the ultimate verdict.”.
We can all hope.
The DMN, until recently, has been extremely biased in this case. This anti death penalty media bias, by many in the media, has been, overwhelming, throughout the US, over the past two months in the Willingham case, just as it has, over the last two decades, with most death penalty issues.
The truth has suffered, greatly.

Innocence Project Report: Cameron Todd Willingham

In the Willingham case, the Innocent Project Report (IPR), in their executive Summary, found the fire was not an incendiary fire.
The IPR provided no evidence of that and no other source for the fire was established. Discounting their statement goes to their lack of proof/evidence for the claim, for which they have none.

Todd Willingham murdered my 3 daughters

Stacy Kuykendall’s statement about the 1991 fire”, Fort Worth Star-Telegram, 10.25/09
“Stacy Kuykendall, the ex-wife of Cameron Todd Willingham, offers her first detailed account of the 1991 fire that claimed the lives of her three daughters and led to Willingham’s execution in 2004.

Why Gov. Perry shook up the Texas Forensic Science Commission

Gov. Perry’s replacement of the Forensics Science Commission (FSC) members hurt him politically. He knew it would, yet he did it anyway. Why?
The ridiculous speculation, that such was part of a cover-up to hide the evidence of an innocent executed, Cameron Todd Willingham, was humorous.
Perry’s actions, brought more light, more suspicion and more outrage to a case that was, already, fully exposed.

Cameron Todd Willingham: Media meltdown & the death penalty:”Trial by Fire: Did Texas execute an innocent man?”, by David Grann(1)

I could speculate that David Grann was an objective reporter who made the solid, unbiased case for an innocent executed. But, I think that is already being done, around the globe, with editorial writers and journalists and other anti death penalty activists, quoting extensively from Grann’s article, with little or no fact checking and absent critical thinking.
So, why not do something different?
I’ll speculate this: “David Grann, anti death penalty activist/member of the defense team”.
I list the page number in the article, followed by Grann’s comments then, my REPLY, underneath.

Have you read the Beyler report? from Dudley Sharp, contact at bottom

Have you read the Beyler report? from Dudley Sharp, contact at bottom
Beyler Report Link at bottom
Here is an almost unbelievable example of how bad it can be:
p 46 “The appearance of brown stain on the porch at the front door was
taken as an indicator of an accelerant spill which was ignited to start the
fire. “AC Fogg did not consider or explain how this could be true in light of
the early eyewitnesses who saw no fire on the porch or at the front door.”
Dr. Beyler, try this.
Willingham lit the fire from the porch, as the fire traveled inside, the
fire died down on the porch, as the accelerant was consumed. The fire travels
down the hall into the children’s room, the fire expands in the bedroom as
it ignites all of the flammables.

No doubts: Those closest to case shed no tears for Willingham By Janet Jacobs, Corsicana Daily Sun

No doubts: Those closest to case shed no tears for Willingham By Janet Jacobs, Corsicana Daily Sun Published: September 07, 2009 05:08 pm      The undeniable facts of the Cameron Todd Willingham case are these:   • On Dec.