Why does a proposed State of the Union address appear on a website devoted to prevention of future murders of future innocent victims and the quest for justice for past innocent murder victims? Only President Trump can be a national Paul Revere, by sounding the alarm for most unaware Americans about the relentless current leftist attack on freedom now well under way.

              Freedom is now under unprecedented assault in the United States by well-organized and financed fascist hypocrites who know that their ideas and policies cannot withstand the critical scrutiny enabled by the sunlight of open discussion. They are hypocrites because they don’t practice what they preach and they don’t live by the rules they would impose on others. They are anti-wealth socialists who are wealthy; they are massive energy consumers who seek to deny minimal cheap energy consumption to the less well off; they are racists and sexists who accuse those opposed to racism and sexism of these very sins; and, most relevant here, they are pro-criminal and pro-murderer fanatics who provide superior protection for themselves while denying elementary safety to the middle and lower classes.

                The State of the Union Address proposed here reminds Second Amendment defenders that it is second for a reason: The freedom secured by the First Amendment is a necessary prerequisite for every other policy goal. Those who advocate safety for the public and justice for victims cannot advocate anything without the freedom to do so.



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