For over half a year, I have spent what little remaining energy I have and an enormous amount of time (while sacrificing needed income), in trying to incorporate Equal Justice for Victims as a national, functioning, non-profit, tax exempt organization. This article describes just how daunting the task is.

We live in 2018, not 1918. This is a dangerous time, when Leftist members of Congress openly call for harassment of political opponents and major networks shamelessly suggest assassination of the President of the United States. We live in an age when corrupt, unethical and blatantly dishonest prosecutors use storm trooper tactics to make a living hell of the lives of political opponents.

Political prosecutions are the order of the day. If ever actually created, EJV, Inc. will face vicious opposition. Despite the views of some unfamiliar with today’s realities, who have called me an idiot who does not realize the simplicity of “association management,” what I have in mind does not contemplate the promotion “new and improved” tea bags or ketchup, or “better mouse traps.” It is not a trade association but an effort to educate the public about a vast justice imbalance and advocate a proposed solution. Therefore, in my view, it is absolutely essential to comply with all CURRENT legal requirements, as documented in this article.

I recently turned 80 years old. Having been ridiculed by many acquaintances and even friends for working for nothing for years, impoverishing myself in the process, I now realize that I have been a fool to ever get involved in a futile cause – a cause which has not affected me directly but in which I nevertheless deeply believe.

I have learned the hard way that very, very few death penalty supporters are willing to focus, sublimate egos in order to unify in support of a new proposal, contribute time, contribute effort or contribute money. Very few have read my book or understand – or want to understand – what it will take to achieve justice for victims and safety for the public. Disunity, lack of focus and symbolic gestures still prevail. Tragically, the needless and preventable wholesale suffering and slaughter of innocent human beings will continue unabated. The lives of innocent human beings will be sacrificed in order to protect the lives of convicted intentional cold-blooded murderers.

I will have a few more posts in the coming weeks and then I will abandon what I now painfully realize have been my foolish aspirations.

I have done all that I can. I am finished being foolish!!!



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