The Pervasive Political Rot of the American Government  


Capital Punishment

by Lester Jackson, Ph.D.  



Most followers of this site are painfully aware that, despite consistent public support, capital punishment has been turned by judges into a surreal travesty. The author’s final article will provide detailed proposals to restore the death penalty to its rightful place. The articles combined here illustrate the daunting task homicide survivors confront.
The author’s first death penalty article observed that dishonesty is “central to those who deem themselves merciful by bestowing mercy upon the merciless.” That article focused upon media dishonesty devoted to protecting Supreme Court dishonesty. However, judicial abuse of power with flagrant dishonesty requires approval by elected officials, who are themselves dishonest. The latter are the focus of the articles here.
Federal judges are appointed by presidents and confirmed by the U.S. Senate, with jurisdiction and funding determined by the entire Congress. Congress long ago could have removed the death penalty from federal court jurisdiction. Thus the judicial assault on capital punishment occurred with the acquiescence, if not tacit approval, of those chosen by the voters. Because brazen outright lying to the public pervades and sustains all three branches of the federal government, metastasized lying must be faced and dealt with if capital punishment is going to be made effective and legitimate.
These articles show that the United States is not now the representative democracy many believe it to be. In fact, campaign lying renders it impossible for voting majorities to obtain representatives who represent them. Because representative democracy cannot exist without opposing parties, the most insidious and destructive lying is done by RINOs (Republicans in Name Only). They claim to be an opposition party but, in fact, are an arm of the now-leftist Democrat Party.
RINO lying goes a long way toward explaining how a small elite minority opposed to capital punishment can effectively turn it into a grotesque farce, subverting the will of a consistently substantial majority of the American people.
The author’s final article will propose a solution for the problem posed by RINO thinking for capital punishment supporters. If justice for homicide victims, including not only those murdered but loved ones left behind, is ever going to be achieved, the rot in all three branches of government is going to have to be confronted. These articles document that rot.







[ADDED August 18, 2015]                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  At least one former and four current Senators, as well as one former Representative are running for president. Unfortunately, well-intended but easily misunderstood roll call voting analyses often enable legislators to lie about their true positions instead of revealing them, thus doing more harm than good.


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One thought on “The Pervasive Political Rot of the American Government vs. Capital Punishment

  • May 8, 2015 at 6:49 pm

    Professor Jackson is to be commended for his stand favoring the use of the death penalty for those who have committed the worst of the worst crimes. Unfortunately and although a wide majority of Americas do support the use of the death penalty, not enough of those supporters have the backbone that Professor Jackson has to speak out . As a consequence, the droning voice of the death penalty opponents is all the legislators hear. But how can they avoid the use of the death penalty here….

    Jessica Lunsford, a nine-year-old little girl, was kidnapped from her home in Homosassa, Florida on February 24, 2005. She was raped over and over for several days, and then she was buried alive by a forty-six-year-old convicted and registered sex offender named John Evander Couey who later confessed to the brutal killing.

    Nine years old.
    Raped over and over.
    Buried alive.
    Imagine little Jessica’s horror as her final screams were contained by the hole in the ground that eventually smothered her.
    And there are those who have the John Evander Coueys of this country spend the rest of their lives as wards of the state — living for years on the taxpayers dime. And just think. Jessica Lunsford parents are among those taxpayers!!

    Again, thank you Professor Jackson. How can we join your legion?


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