“Smoke and mirrors” – that is what the federal judge called Davis’ innocence claims, after he held the innocence evidentiary hearing ordered by the US Supreme Court.


And that is precisely what the “Save Troy Davis” campaign is, as easily seen by anyone who wishes to fact check.


False innocence claims by anti death penalty activists are a legendary, well known constant in their strategy.


The gullible and willing, media, et al, just lap it up.


1) a) Troy Davis: Deceptions at their most obvious


b) Cop Killer is media’s latest baby seal

c) “Troy Davis: guilty as charged”, Charles Lane, Washington Post, 9/22/2011


Brief History of anti death penalty deceptions



5) “At the Death House Door” Can Rev. Carroll Pickett be trusted?”

6) “Cameron Todd Willingham: Another Media Meltdown”, A Collection of Articles

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