Having devoted most of my time and limited energy to the complex now-proceeding incorporation of Equal Justice for Victims as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization to fight for justice and public safety, I was unable to post this article before. But it is especially timely now, in the wake of the May Santa Fe, Texas high school shootings by Dimitrios Pagourtzis who, according to The Washington Post, “betrayed a growing darkness.” The Post referred to February’s Nikolas Cruz Parkland, Florida high school massacre. Parkland itself was the subject of repeated news coverage until the very day of the Santa Fe murders.

         After Parkland, there were numerous calls, including by President Trump, for closer attention to mental health to detect would-be shooters. With eerie similarity, Texas Governor Abbott has suggested throwing more money into mental health treatment. The problem after Parkland and now, after Santa Fe, is this: Exactly upon whom can we rely to assess mental health? The article here calls into question the very premise of this nostrum.

          As shown here, the United States Supreme Court has entrusted justice and public safety to a sick “profession” infested with political prostitutes. This should be of deep concern to all death penalty advocates, especially the vast majority of homicide survivors.


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