THE MISSING INGREDIENT                                                       A  Blueprint for the Rightful                                       Restoration of Capital Punishment

I am initially posting this article on because it is written about and for two kinds of survivors: those left behind to suffer the loss of murder victims; and those who live through attempted murders but survive with resulting severe lasting emotional and physical injuries.
Most importantly, survivors are indispensable for what I propose.
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As demonstrated by actions rather than protestations, the United States authoritarian ruling class adjudges the life of one murderer to be worth the lives of 584 victims; or, in other words, values the life of one murder victim at 0.17% of the life of his or her murderer (less than one fifth of one percent).
I have written this article because I consider ruling class values to be completely out of touch with the values of a substantial majority of the American people. This is scandalous, horrifying and intolerable. Accordingly, after providing background, I provide details of the problem facing homicide survivors and a proposed solution to reverse the evisceration of capital punishment and restore it to its moral and rightful place.
Homicide survivors are vital to the proposed solution. That requires shining sunlight on the dishonest shenanigans of the United Supreme Court, laying bare that insidious and destructive institution to be seen by the public in all its hideous ugliness.
If homicide survivors are not persuaded, no one else will be. Not only capital punishment but also life without parole will be abolished by unelected and unresponsive government officials dedicated to the welfare of violent barbaric criminals, including murderers, torturers and rapists; and contemptuous of past and future victims.



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