The Homicide Survivors’ Fairness-for-Victims Manifesto

 By Lester Jackson, Ph.D.

For reasons that must surely be incomprehensible to others, murderer advocates place a far greater value on the lives of the most savage murderers than on the lives of their victims.  Let them deny it; their words and deeds conclusively give the lie to that denial.
The critical question is this: Whose concept of justice is going to prevail? The concept of a small but vocal well-financed minority with influence and power out of all proportion to its numbers, or that of the large but poorly financed and disorganized majority. In recent decades, the former have dominated.
Tragically, compared to media-dominant murderer advocates, victims have been virtually voiceless. Yes, five justices have allowed them to speak in court, for which victims pay heavy prices in unfairly having to make countless unnecessary court appearances, each more excruciating than the last.
But victims have not been heard loud and clear by judges, politicians, the media and the public. Instead, the only sound seemingly heard is the noise from the “unfairness” trumpet blasted by the Phonies.
The time has come for victims to blast their trumpet – with such might as to reverberate through the din of the roaring flames to penetrate the blocked ears of even the most unwilling listeners in the deepest recesses of Fairness Phony Hell. Hopefully, this endeavor will be aided by this Manifesto.


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