One thought on “Dudley Sharp on the Thom Hartmann Show – Should Children Get Life In Prison?

  • November 20, 2011 at 12:57 am

    During this program it seemed that the commentator had absolutely no idea as to what was going on. This could have been a good program and I was hoping to hear some actual viewpoints. What I heard was confusion about where Mr. Sharp was, if his website ended in “org” or “com” and all this wasted precious time in a very short program. I ended up becoming very frustrated with the commentator as he struggled to pronounce words. It just didn’t seem to be professionally produced. I know someone who works in radio, on the air, and his comments are smooth and easy to understand. I’m not happy with the commentator in the present program and I feel that the whole thing turned into a waste of time. That shouldn’t have happened and that is a shame. I may not agree with Mr. Sharp but I do believe that he should have be given the opportunity to at least present his views without a bumbling commentator. I apologize for my comments as I don’t wish to insult anyone. But I have to be honest and this is truly the way I feel.


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